NeuroBytes: Savoring: Pre-Communication

We often underestimate or misuse the opportunity we have prior to an experience – to insert a cognitive key into the minds of those we want to connect with.

Did you know?

The messages leading up to an event or experience can have a lasting impact.

We experience this when we feel relaxed in the days or weeks leading up to a vacation.

We can start enjoying an event or experience before it happens.

When we do, we can experience more positive emotions before and during the event (Chun, Diehl, & MacInnis, 2017).

Anticipating a positive event this way increases our enjoyment when it finally arrives, enhancing the experience and improving ROI.

Get your audience to visualize a future event, send out videos of the venue, teasers of headliner speakers, or other precommunications. Your audience will thank you.



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