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When it comes to making meaningful connections with employees, consumers, or sales teams, research is showing that traditional means are becoming less effective. Distraction is increasing at an exponential rate at the gateway to the minds of those we hope to engage. So we need to be smarter, more diligent and use whatever tools we can to improve the outcomes organizations seek.

Neuroscaping will give companies an edge and turn the tide to improve engagement.

Ben Moorsom is the world’s leading practitioner of neuroscaping™. Since founding the Debut Group in 1997, Ben has made it his mission to challenge and disrupt ineffective conventions of business communications, pioneering new approaches that engage people and truly capture their attention.

Improving Engagement: Neuroscaping™

Neuroscaping™ Articles, Research & NeuroBytes

NeuroBytes: Savoring:  Pre-Communication

NeuroBytes: Savoring: Pre-Communication

November 13, 2018

We often underestimate or misuse the opportunity we have prior to an experience – to insert a cognitive key into the minds of those we want to connect with. Did you know? The messages leading up to an event or experience can have a lasting impact. We experience this when we feel relaxed in the […]

NeuroBytes: Distractions Effect on Memory

NeuroBytes: Distractions Effect on Memory

November 12, 2018

Distraction is increasing at an exponential rate.   Not only is distraction creating a barrier to higher engagement and return on investment, it is known to effect positive memories of experiences.   It is critical to combat distraction to create better outcomes in experience design.

Bringing It Home: The ROI of the Sales Conference

Bringing It Home: The ROI of the Sales Conference

November 3, 2018

When the sales conference is over and your teams are back in the field, are they applying what they learned? BY BEN MOORSOM Pursuing leads, relentlessly following up, making them the right offer, all while keeping a close eye on the competition –it’s not for the faint of heart, this job. To keep the motivation […]

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