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Connecting companies with audiences.

CEO, Speaker & Creator of Neuroscaping®

Decoding engagement to Transform how businesses connect with AUDIENCES in a distracted world.

Sharing how science improves engagement.

Ideas and images constantly swirl around us.  The question is: how to effectively capture them in ever-changing environments?  There is immense competition at the gateway to the human mind. Every interaction between people is subject to a wide range of distractions. Our attention can be raptly focused one moment, then diverted by external stimuli the next. This fractured reaction to multiple intellectual, emotional, and environmental input sources has become even more pronounced during the last year with people working from home. Many company meetings and events have been moved online instead of occurring in person making the assimilation and retention of important information in those uncontrolled environments far more complex.


Ben and his team focus on capturing audience attention before, during, and after an event. Audience engagement and information retention are based on proven scientific research and experience. People pay attention to what we do and say.


Ben Moorsom is the world’s leading practitioner of neuroscaping™. Since founding the Debut Group in 1997, Ben has made it his mission to challenge and disrupt ineffective conventions of business communications, pioneering new approaches that engage people and truly capture their attention.

Ben is the creator of Engagement Decoded™, a behavioral formula for engagement.   Transforming it from a meaningless term, to a powerful tool that aligns scientific evidence with design.

Neuroscaping®: From Insights to Action.

How can the latest research in brain science be used to improve engagement, connection and outcomes in event and experience design?
Neuroscaping is the art of integrating and applying neuro-design to event design – combining science with insight to reimagine how live experiences are produced and marketed. Harnessing untapped human potential and uncovering missed opportunities to connect on a deeper emotional level.

What will you leave with? An understanding of why we MUST approach events and brand activations with greater insight into the human mind. How the art of Neuroscaping can help us access the minds of our audiences in order to achieve better outcomes.
Improving ROI and better defining the role technology can play in influencing behaviors.

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